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5 Step Plan for Weight Loss

weight loss plan

Today in America more and more people are becoming over weight or even obese. And once you cross that threshold it is extremely difficult to return. Because of this, many of us have turned to fad diets or simply starving ourselves. Some turn to eating disorders like anorexia. Having previously dealt with a weight management problem myself, I know how it feels. Many people don’t understand the mental state it puts you in. Because of fear of looking bad or not fitting in, we tend to choose the fastest and most efficient ways of losing weight that we can find on the internet.

But usually they are scams or just don’t work and end up leaving us helpless and even more depressed than before. These diets never have long-term results! But we, as humans often over-look the real answer right in front of us- diet and exercise!

Now I know you have heard this so many times before and I felt the same way when I was searching all over the internet and could find nothing that would magically take the weight away, but this is the only long-term, efficient way to lose pounds!

Since I’ve been on this road before, I know what you are thinking. It takes too long and it’s so hard! But it’s not! By following a simple plan for only me, I have had tremendous results!We are all different. We all do things differently. That’s why some weight programs works better for some and not at all for others. That’s why you have to find a plan that’s right for you and only you. Here is how I did that:

1. Examine yourself

Take a day or maybe a few days and watch your eating habits, the times when you are most hungry, the times when you have the most energy, how many calories you eat, and etc. Write them down in a journal.

2. Be honest with yourself

Take a moment to look over those things and ask yourself what you should be doing and what you are doing. This was a very hard part for me, but I found a way that I could be honest with myself and tell myself that I was wrong in certain areas. And take advantage of the times when you have the most energy! Go jogging! Or swimming! Do something fun with your family and the calories will burn off in no time!

3. Set a Goal

If you look online, you can find a body weight calculator or a BMI that tell you what your weight should be for your height and age. These are there to help you see what you are supposed to be. They are there to help set your goals. But be careful not to set a goal that is too high. That will only discourage you! Be sure to set small goals and once you reach them, set more!

4. Get motivated

This is something that we all need help with. Motivation is very hard to come by. And it is so easy to just pick up that bag of chips rather than to cut open a watermelon. That is why we have friends and family! Be sure to tell someone about your weight loss goals so that they can motivate you and remind you of the reason you started this journey in the first place.

5. Trust Your Gut

We aren’t stupid. We know what foods we are supposed to eat and what we shouldn’t. We know that we should exercise every day. We don’t have to look to the internet for all the answers. Trust your gut! Deep down you know what’s good for your body. You know what you can and can’t do, and once you set those goals, you will do it! Just stick to the plan and you will be surprised how fast you get results!