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A Real Diet: Lose Weight the Healthy Way

If you want to lose 5 or 150 pounds the first place to start is with yourself. Stop beating yourself up every time you look in the mirror.

Learn to like yourself for who you are inside.

I did this by writing in a journal everyday.

I knew that I wanted to lose 35 pounds.

Starting weight 170 pounds.

At first I started with just my thoughts, then started to write on what triggered me to start eating.

Eating and emotions do go hand in hand.

Recognizing this was not enough though. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted it to stay gone. So I went back to researching everything I could get my hands on. I found out I had 2 options. Go to the doctor and get some prescription medication (with side affects) or look into a healthier way.

As far as snacking, I was never big on it. I looked at the food I did eat, was never much, and not really considered to be fattening.

AHH! it was how I chose to eat them that made it impossible to lose weight. I was one who ate most of my meals in the evening. Of course, how could I not. Mornings are rush kids to school, rush to work and that was that. If there was a lunch break it was used to rush around doing errands. So evening was only time I had to eat.


I would eat a nice dinner with the kids and later have a snack. I found out the secret to the metabolism is to jump start it in the morning. How could I do this when I still had to rush and rush. That night, before bed, I would make sure I had something in the fridge to grab and eat on my way out. I would pack a quick lunch and snacks in a sack in the fridge also. So, now there was no excuse.

So now I had figured out what brought on eating binges and also had figured out the metabolism game.

On to ways to make me feel better and lose weight.

More research. Found out that green tea was one of the best herbal drinks today.

I could begin telling you some of the wonderful things this does for you but you can read for yourself on this website

So now I had my journal, my metabolism getting under control and drinking 3 cups of green tea everyday.

Now, the ugly word, exercise. My philosophy is that I am only running if something is chasing me. Probably not the best outlook on this, but hey, it is me.

So back to researching. Found another wonderful website:
I typed in some of my normal every day things. It calculated all the calories that I burn from my normal life activities. From washing dishes to vacuming the floors. It was not quite enough to lose any weight though. You figure this out by calories burned compared to calories you take in. I still was not eating enough to worry about calorie intake so I had to figure out burning them. So I just decided to add a couple more cleaning tasks to my every day routine.

green tea

Now we have the journal, the metabolism fixed, the body feel good tea and now calorie counter.

This has all has taken a months time to get it right.

Back to the scale.

I was feeling better emotionally at this time and my body was feeling great. I had more energy than I used to.

When I stepped on the scale it read 164 pounds.

Wow, I had lost 6 pounds and really all that I had done was some research at this point.

This caused me to become kind of obsessed with it.

I went back to researching more and more.

Tweaking each of the new things I had already learned.

I did realize that diet was something that does need to be conscious. I can no longer just take eating as something natural. Just like any other addiction, it can kill you. If done right, food can make you feel wonderful and look that way to.

Almost a year later I have now hit my ideal weight of 135 pounds. I feel wonderful inside ,and in my own eyes, look wonderful on the outside.

The most important thing is, I am happy with me.