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Curing Mental Disease


Since there is a biological cause for schizophrenia, the cure will also be biological. But, unfortunately, this is easier said than done. First one should understand the physiological basis for schizophrenia. Then one should correct the chemical errors. This is the approach of the late Linus Pauling. Unfortunately, Pauling never completely understood the chemical errors.


In 1921 Buscaino used silver nitrate in a test of the urine of schizophrenics. It seems that the urine of a schizophrenic causes a black precipitate, whereas the urine of normals causes a white precipitate. This was later called the “black reaction”. In 1922 V. M. Buscaino published his results. Buscaino had previously studied brain pathology in what is now called “schizophrenia”. Buscaino reported the presence of substances of the amine type.


Autopsies by various scientists revealed neuronal damage both in the cortex and in the basal ganglia and brainstem. The glia were abnormal. There was metachromatic formations of myelin, areas of hypo and demyelinization, etc. In 1921 V. M. Buscaino reported “clods of disintegration in clusters”.

These were limited ovoidal or bullet-shaped swellings with a granular or amorphous content. In 1964 Pecchiai reported confirmation of this work. The material was glyco-lipidic. This suggests deposits of carbohydrate and fat. But what could cause this? If excessive amino acids flooded the cells, some of these amino acids would be converted to fat.

Mental Disease


The cure may involve correcting the dysmetabolism. Carbohydrate deposits could occur if the cells burned amino acids instead of carbohydrates. Thus the cure, or treatment, could be a diet low in fat and low in amino acids.

Unfortunately, often the devil is in the details. The answer may be that the brain needs to be fine tuned. This may be best done using nutrition. Unfortunately, often giving a drug is like hitting the body with a hammer when it needs to be fine tuned.

Carbohydrate Deposits in the Brain

Research scientists have found carbohydrate deposits in the brains of schizophrenics. This finding may be of tremendous importance in solving the puzzle of schizophrenia. This is just one piece in the puzzle, but it is a large piece. This finding appears to mean that there is a slowing of glucose metabolism in the brains of schizophrenics, and this slowing is not caused by any lack of glucose.


In diabetes there is a periferal slowing of glucose metabolism. The body burns fats instead of glucose with disastrous results. The brain is effected, but in a different way. The brain in diabetes has too much glucose because the blood sugar is high. For this reason a diabetic can pass out after eating too much sugar.


Schizophrenia may be a diabetes of the brain. However, acetone is not a problem in schizophrenia as it is in diabetes. Therefore schizophrenics may not be burning fats. Acetone is a poisonous waste product produced from burning fats. It can cause death in diabetics. For more information, consult my website, which is

Other Diseases

It may be possible to cure, or at least greatly alleviate, several major diseases. These include schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s chorea, ADHD, and others. The reason why this is the case is that it appears that these diseases all involve disorders in amino acid metabolism. Amino acids are found in the brain and in the diet.

Amino Acids in Psychiatry

Even though there is great hope, there are also murky waters. In addition to the great complexity of the human brain, there are also problems of political censorship and resistance to new ideas. Linus Pauling ran up against these problems and was largely defeated by them. Nevertheless, Pauling planted a seed which began to grow. Pauling’s first paper on the subject appeared in 1968.

In 1987 a report by Italian workers was published. Like Pauling, Smeraldi et al believed that schizophrenia was genetic. They found amino acid disorders “in schizophrenic patients”. They found “increased concentrations of various amino acids in schizophrenic patients”. Thus the Italian theory was more specific than the theories of Pauling.

Amino Acids

Pauling favored altering the molecular environment of the mind. Certain amino acid disorders “are associated with schizophrenia-like psychotic disorders, for example, hyperasparaginemia and homocystinuria”. Because of the tremendous importance and complexity of these matters, this article will be continued in the future. It will probably have to be sent in several parts to do justice to the subject.


The Boston diet is a diet that I have invented with several variations. One version is to fight cholesterol. Another is for lactose intolerance. A third version is for weight loss. A fourth version is very original and very controversial because it is low protein. The fourth version is for people who are allergic to protein, such as PKU patients. It seems that the brain can be allergic to protein when there is an error in protein metabolism. For the most part it is a vegan diet. It is also parve, meaning that there are no dairy products. The following foods are allowed: fruits, vegetables, grains, plant beverages

In the low cholesterol variation fish is allowed because fish contain omega-3 fatty acids.

I am on this diet myself and have lost 60 lbs, going from 230 down to 170. Also I have maintained the weight loss. On top of that I have greatly reduced my cholesterol levels. The following foods are forbidden: chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, pork, etc.