Blitz Conditioning

Group Classes

There is nothing better than the Edmonton Community, which is why we know that working out is better with friends. It is more fun, more motivating, makes you work harder, and holds you more accountable. It is also important to get variety in your workout, which is why we offer HIIT and SPIN Classes to our community.

Our classes have a different pricing depending on the amount that you purchase:

1) if you buy a 10 class punch pass that gives you access to all of our classes the cost is $150
2) if you buy a 1 month unlimited pass the cost is $120
3) our drop in costs $20.00 per class.


H: High
I: Intensity
I: Interval
T: Training

HIIT is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and functional fitness done in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Nothing beats working out with friends. Blitz Conditioning is a community oriented workout facility.

Our HIIT classes are a great 55 minute workout that will have all parts of your body working. You select a weight that works for you and our instructors can modify any exercise to your needs – you just need to ask.


A beat dropping sweat session that takes indoor cycling to a whole new level. Spend 55 minutes spinning to your favourite tunes while getting a full body workout (push-ups on the bike included).

We ride together. We sweat together. We bring 110%.

Prenatal Bootcamp – Saturday @ 10am

Experience the many benefits of exercising while pregnant! All exercises are designed and modified specifically for you, so as your belly grows you can feel comfortable and safe while breaking a sweat. Each week will include pelvic floor strengthening exercises and a post workout stretch.

Blitzfit Momma Postnatal Bootcamp – Thursday @ 11am

It is time to pack up your baby and head over to Blitz! Sarah’s Blitzfit Momma’s workout will get you back to feeling your best – Strong & Energized! All exercises include optional modifications, so no matter how far along you are postpartum you can count on us to give you a great workout! Mom’s may wear their baby in a carrier, or place them in their car-seat or on the mat beside her.