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How Exercising for Ten Minutes a Day Can Help You to Stay Healthy

A lot of people feel that they just do not have the time to exercise in order to stay fit and lose weight. But did you know that by just exercising for ten minutes a day you can lose weight and stay healthy. It is also important that you watch your diet in addition to your ten minute workout.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out a workout routine for yourself. You may be able to get a few ideas from some of the workout tapes you can find at your local store. Try also looking at your local library for a few exercise tapes; you can get plenty of workout ideas from these tapes. You can begin by doing a few simple stretching exercises.

Start with a few shoulder rolls, and then a few leg stretches. Next you can get a few hand weights, and do a few arm curls. You can then do a few more exercises that you may have gotten from a few workout tapes. Remember that you do not need your own personal weight trainer or workout coach in order to do a few good exercises that will help to maintain your good health.

good exercises

You may also want to consider purchasing some workout equipment to assist you with your ten minute workout. But if you can’t afford to purchase any exercise equipment then you can still get plenty of exercise as long as you do your exercises properly. If you can not find a ten minute workout tape then take the time to put together your own ten minute work out routine.

A few minutes of toning in the right area combined with the proper diet will not only help to keep you healthy, but will also give you more energy, and make you feel good about yourself. Did you know that one of the reasons why people feel so tired during the day is because they do not get the proper amount of exercise? If you think about it for a minute, most people work in offices and sit behind desks all day.

Let’s be honest when you work in this type of environment you do have a tendency to do a lot more snacking then you normally would. Maybe this is why 80 percent of Americans are overweight, and why more and more people have health issues. You could even do the same for your children.

So many children are overweight, and parents just do not have the time to play or interact with their children the way they should, why not take the ten minutes and give it to your children. You could plan to do an outside activity together. Have you ever considered taking the entire family for a ten minute jog? Just a quick jog around the block will help to keep your kids healthy and give them something to look forward to everyday.


Or if you prefer you could take a walk with your family if they are not up to running. Or perhaps go bike riding in your local neighborhood. Of course once you are all out there having fun, your ten minute workout may end up turning into a twenty or thirty minute workout, but at least it would be worth it.

Not only will your children enjoy spending time together but, you will all be helping each other to stay healthy and to lose a few pounds in the process. So the bottom line is no matter what type of workout you choose, as long as you take the time to devote at least ten minutes a day to working out and take the time to watch what you eat, you can stay healthy, and lose weight.