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Weight Loss Supplements: Hype Or Effective?

“Lose 6 to 8 pounds a week, with no hassles … and you will not gain back the weight you have lost once”, “Lose up to 1.5-2 kg daily, no physical workout or dietary restriction required!”, “Fat to fit within a month, just supplements, no hard working!” and lots of other stuffs really make a person mesmerized! These are among those innumerable advertisements that claim weight loss quickly and effectively.

The question arises there that such products or supplements touted by marketers of OTC weight-loss programs whether work? Are they just a hype or really effective? You can find such supplements everywhere; magazines and newspapers, on TV commercials or majority on the internet. There are millions of people buckle under such promises daily and throw away significant amount of money.

Statistics say that over $1.2 billion a year is spent for such weight loss supplements, many of them possess little or no scientific background for effectivity and safety, particularly when used for a long time.

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In the journal of American Family Physician, 2004 issue, Dr. Robert B. Saper and his colleagues wrote that OTC dietary supplements for treating obesity attract many people who think them to work as magic bullets to lose weight. There are over fifty individual weight loss supplements and over 125 formulas with herbal extracts, none of which copes with medical standards.

The main reason for why people go for such supplements is a great misunderstanding. There is a much ballyhoo about such products spiced up with gimmicks and attractive female models make people to think that supplements are approved by Health Ministry.

Almost all such products have testimonials to make marketing more effective. In one telephonic survey by the Center for Survey and Research and Analysis, yearly approximately one and a half thousand people try such supplements; out of which, more than a half purchased as they thought supplements are tested and proved for safety and efficacy; they also thought that the FDA has passed the remedies.


In spite of controversies, OTC products for losing weight boom the market. The sole reason is easy availability and such products do not require any prescription. Many manufacturers, especially Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals sell these products under daily health supplements and claim that they also help in keeping health in harmony, which, again, lack scientific approval

However, there is no denial that the extracts from herbs such as Guggulu, Hoodia, and Garcinia may show good results but then they are to be combined with dietary restriction, exercises and other weight losing therapies in order to achieve good and safe results.