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Weight Loss – What Foods Should You Be Eating?

Have you noticed that there seems to be a plethora of weight loss diet plans available today? Everything from the South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet and a whole host of other diet plans has taken over bookshelves in stores. These weight loss plans all advise eating low carb, high protein foods. That is great in a one respect, but you should never totally remove a nutrient group. These diets suggest not eating a lot of fruits or vegetables, and therein lays the problem.

Regardless of what diet plan you’re on, if any, you’ll want to eliminate carbohydrates like sugar and flour products. These carbs will not help you in any type of weight loss plan. That brings up the question, what types of foods are good for you? What should you avoid? Here are some answers to help you better understand.

Fruit And Vegetables

Eat Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

I know that the Atkins Diet doesn’t promote eating much, if any fruit. It claims the sugar is too high. But, consider a couple things first. Fresh fruit is all natural and very healthy for you. I would never encourage anyone to eliminate these foods from their diet plan, no matter what. These GM (God Made) foods were meant to keep your body nourished and in good health. You can keep on one of these diet plans like the South Beach Diet, but don’t forget the fruit and vegetables.

Cut Out The Processed Foods

The key to success in any weight loss plan is to cut down on the processed foods. Frozen dinners, breads, cereals, fast food, etc. are all high in carbs, sugars and calories. These processed foods just don’t go along with weight loss. We need to exercise common sense when it comes time to eating these foods.

For example, leave the donuts at the store and eat some fresh fruit instead. Not only will this help you to take off a few pounds, but you’ll also improve your health. Fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep running smoothly. They also contain anti-oxidants which help protect you from illness.

The Fast Food Epidemic

Without a doubt, fast food has literally been fattening up America. The bottom line if you really want to lose weight? Eliminate fast food from your life.

Think about what has happened over the years. You never use to see a McDonalds, or other fast food restaurant on every street corner. As a kid growing up and going to school I can remember my mother putting a pear or banana in my lunch box to go with my sandwich.

More families prepared and ate their meals at home. Today, the average person has at least 4 meals at a fast food restaurant. For many the number is much higher. This has led to the obesity problems you here about on the news.

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As a nation, over 63% of us are overweight. Diabetes is at record levels and going higher every day. Fast food and weight gain are perfect marriage partners so to speak. Consider the facts; a Glazed Kreme Filled doughnut from Crispy Creme has 38 carbs, 20g of fat and 345 calories. And that is just one donuts.

Who only eats one? For lunch, let’s say you go to Jack In The Box and have a Grilled Chicken Club sandwich with fries and a coke. Doesn’t sound too unhealthy does it? After all, you’re having chicken instead of a burger. The facts tell a different story though. Your meal contained over 1100 calories, 135 carbs and 44g of fat. Not a good combination in order to lose weight, let alone stay healthy.

The best approach to any weight loss plan is common sense. Eat more natural foods, cut out the processed foods and don’t forget to stay active and get a little exercise. By doing these simple things you will notice yourself losing those unwanted pounds and staying healthy. That’s the real key to a good weight loss plan.